Vail Daily letter: Hidden Gems is a detrimental plan |

Vail Daily letter: Hidden Gems is a detrimental plan

Kym Manula
Vail, CO, Colorado

There are those who are excited to have wilderness next to their house because the wildlife will be more abundant, bicycles cannot use the trails, and vehicles cannot use the roads.

The hunters will be excited by that, too. Since they will not be able to drive deep into the forest, they will park near those houses, hike 100 yards away and bang! Bang! Bang! Good morning!

The Hidden Gems website has a button asking if you support wilderness.

The Forest Service, every outfitter and I support wilderness, but it’s very different from supporting Hidden Gems. The long-term effects of this potential reclassification of enormous sections of land are overall detrimental and permanent.

Educate yourself on all facets of this proposal. If you are still in doubt as to who deserves your support, please take a horseback ride with me. I’ll give you a real education with factual information and documents to back it up.

Kym Manula


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