Vail Daily letter: Hidden Gems organizers listen |

Vail Daily letter: Hidden Gems organizers listen

Frances Dittmer
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am one of the owners of the Woods Lake Ranch at Lime Park in Eagle County. Our ranch is surrounded by the Hidden Gems campaign’s proposed Woods Lake addition to the Holy Cross Wilderness Area, and I support this effort.

When I first heard about the Hidden Gems proposal, I was a little concerned with how the boundaries around our ranch were drawn.

I contacted the campaign to express my concerns and found them very accessible and accommodating to modifying the boundaries to meet our needs.

Through our constructive engagement with the campaign, the boundaries have been adjusted to ensure our continued access to the public lands immediately adjacent to the ranch while still providing the protection we believe the landscape around us warrants.

As I looked more deeply into the issues, I’ve come to fully support the goals of the campaign.

I value those few remaining wild places left between the ever encroaching hand of civilization and would like my great grandchildren to have the same opportunity to experience them that I have had.

I’ve seen many letters to the editor denigrating the campaign for being stubborn and unyielding.

My experience couldn’t have been more different.

I found the Hidden Gems people very willing to listen and a pleasure to work with.

This is exactly how the process should work, and it results in a win-win.

Frances Dittmer

Woods Lake Ranch

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