Vail Daily letter: Hikers only? |

Vail Daily letter: Hikers only?

Richard Klamper
Vail, CO, Colorado

That is one crazy commentary that Don Rogers has written. There are so many good folks out there who are not a bunch of agtear it upag nuts and who so strongly disagree with you about the positive merits of the Hidden Gem wilderness bill.

I am an avid mountain hiker, snowmobiler and snowshoer. I personally believe that we already have enough wilderness area and the vast majority of that existing wilderness is seldom used by anyone.

The federal government is not doing a good job overseeing the massive wilderness areas that it already governs. So why add more land to the seldom-used land list?

Public lands need not be exclusionary to the public for all forms of recreation other than for just hiking. Most of the area that the Hidden Gem Bill wants to take away from a more typical public usage is not out in the wilds, but is close-in land that is already road accessible and is not what anyone would consider true

The Hidden Gems push is just another example of the extremist factions wanting to keep everyone except their buddy hikers out of their ever-growing large piece of the public land pie.

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Wherever this 1 million acres of public land you refer to is located (not sure if that acreage is even factual), it probably is not readily accessible to the public.

I think that your column is totally flawed in its support for the Hidden Gems wilderness bill and this bill should be renamed the Hidden agenda Only For Hikers Bill.

Richard Klamper


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