Vail Daily letter: Hold on now |

Vail Daily letter: Hold on now

Sarah Ray
Vail, CO, Colorado

Really, everyone, let’s all get rational as we look at what’s going on politically and financially in our world. Do any of you out there really believe that all Democrats are evil, that the tea party is just filled with terrorists or that all Republicans are vicious?

Let’s be honest. There are individuals from each political persuasion who do not represent the masses within those groups. Our political beliefs run along a spectrum, and there will always be those that are far left or far right of any ideology we can imagine. There are those who will resort to violence on both sides of the spectrum, without being prompted to action from a political party. To blame one side or the other for the actions of the few is ridiculous and damaging.

We have real issues here that need to be resolved. The dialogue that now occurs in Washington, at all levels from the president on down, is not helpful to finding solutions. The diatribes voiced on Fox versus the pompousness of MSNBC and mainstream media are pathetic. The fighting words in our paper’s Commentary section blaming one party against the other are getting us nowhere.

Civil discourse has been lost, and to a large part, our elected officials on both sides are to blame. It is now up to us, the people, to bring back a reasonableness and civility to fighting problems, not each other.

Sarah Ray


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