Vail Daily letter: Holy cannibis |

Vail Daily letter: Holy cannibis

Roger Christie
Vail, CO, Colorado

Aloha. Trevor Douglas is a sincere young man with good manners and respect who joined our THC Ministry while living and working here in Hilo on the big island of Hawaii. And yes, even though we’re far away, this place is governed by the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the state of Hawaii.

All law enforcers of any jurisdiction swear to uphold and defend the Constitution — and it’s the Constitution that we claim as the foundation of our right to freedom of religion, known by many as “the first freedom.”

We have a THC Ministry blessing: God, that’s GREAT! Please show me the blessings in this situation … and hurry! We are safe, we are loved and all is well.

Trevor has been anointed with the holy anointing oil of Moses and the christening oil of Jesus when he joined us. We make the Old Testament sacred recipe called for in Exodus 30:23 and we happily anoint people every day. One of the active ingredients in the holy oil is called “fragrant cane” in most English-language Bibles. Three Hebrew-English dictionaries that I own, however, say that fragrant cane is cannabis, the hemp plant, or marijuana.

Since we’re a THC cannabis ministry, we started making the holy oil with cannabis as soon as I read that marijuana was the Hebrew kaneh bosem, or cannabis, in the recipe. By the way, three out of three times this holy anointing oil has healed gangrene — serious, radical, formerly-known-as-incurable gangrene.

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Cannabis, or marijuana, must be legal. The prohibition against it is what’s illegal, unconstitutional and immoral.

“The yoke of your bondage shall be broken by the anointing.” I suspect that Trevor’s yoke of bondage, arrest, court, etc. will soon be broken by his anointing.

When the court of public opinion, the jury pool, gets wind that the very word Christ translates as anointed, and to be Christian means to be anointed with cannabis holy oil, then the ball game of life changes for the better. Is today that day?

My dad was an original 10th Mountain Division, Camp Hale, guy from Steamboat Springs, where I was born after World War II. He and his buddies didn’t fight the Nazis in the Alps of Italy so their kids would have to pee in a cup in front of someone to get a job. The brave men of World War II didn’t hit the beaches of Normandy to have their children’s children be denied a spiritual relationship with a natural plant that the Creator obviously put on this Earth.

In the positive, maybe this case will be the last marijuana trial in Colorado history. That’s my prayer. I’ll bet that Trevor would be good with that, too.

My dad taught me to stand up to life like a man. My sweet mom still reminds me to have good manners (“Manners maketh man”). And our THC Ministry teaches us to bless our challenges.

Go Trevor, go!

Roger Christie

Founder, THC Ministry

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