Vail Daily letter: Holy Cross board president shouldn’t be talking |

Vail Daily letter: Holy Cross board president shouldn’t be talking

Bill Maxwell
Vail, CO, Colorado

This is in response to the letter from Tom Turnbull published in Thursday’s paper. Mr. Turnbull is the president of the Holy Cross Energy Board of Directors, and I find it inappropriate for him to solicit votes for the incumbent directors. He has no idea what I have to offer at the Board of Director level other than that disclosed in my candidate profile.

I have spent many years in telecommunications where wide area networks were mission critical to users and network availability was measured to 0.99999. I was also very involved in bringing competition to the monopoly local telephone exchange, where today users have improved and less costly service, plus a full range of alternatives.

I certainly support renewable sources of energy becoming a larger portion of the purchased power supply. However, it needs to be economically sustainable and any cost disadvantages disclosed to ratepayers.

I am a retired executive who is financially conservative and won’t spend money without the appropriate return on investment. I am open minded with absolutely no political agenda and who only wants to serve his community.

Bill Maxwell

Edwards, candidate for the Holy Cross Board of Directors

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