Vail Daily letter: Holy Cross election important |

Vail Daily letter: Holy Cross election important

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Vail, CO Colorado

This week, most of us will receive a ballot in the mail for the Holy Cross Energy board elections.

For many years, I’ve wondered about my vote for Holy Cross Energy board members. Why did it really matter? What difference did it make? Off my radar would be an understatement.

However, with time, I came to realize that these board members not only affected my monthly electric bill (that’s something everyone can relate to), but the very direction of how we will source and use our energy in the future.

One need look no further than today’s headlines to see what can go so terribly wrong when sourcing energy in traditional ways. There are many other options available to us, and it is the task of the Holy Cross board to research and consider these opportunities to supplement and eventually, over time, have them as primary energy sources.

Until now, the board has been dominated by those who would take the easy road and avoid the cutting edge, and difficult, decisions that would take power generation in a new direction, with both the economy and the environment as a paramount consideration in their process.

Dave Munk and Erik Lundquist are both candidates that bring a new approach to the arena. They are committed to listening to your perspective and increasing Holy Cross’s efforts on efficiency (which save you money!) and clean power, which keeps prices stable.

Please also vote for co-op-wide elections (a “no” vote on the ballot question). Board members represent us all, so you should be able to vote for them.

Remember, you have the power. Exercise your right to vote and shape our future.

Howard Leavit,t Avon

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