Vail Daily letter: Holy Cross transition |

Vail Daily letter: Holy Cross transition

George Lamb
Vail, CO, Colorado

As members of the Holy Cross Energy cooperative, we have all just received notice of the annual meeting, along with a ballot to fill three Board of Director positions.

As a past director, I would like to reiterate the current board president’s comments regarding the retirement of two directors, Hal Cark and Tom Turnbull, and offer my personal appreciation for their long service and unselfish dedication to Holy Cross Energy.

When I was elected to the board in the mid ’90s, the national rural electric infrastructure was faced with daunting challenges, including threats of unfriendly takeovers, strong national industry madates to diversify, and very diifficult decisions regarding long-term energy sources, availability and reliability.

In particular, under Tom Turnbull’s very capable presidency, Holy Cross Energy continued to be an efficient and extremely reliable energy provider and one that continues to be looked upon nationally as a progressive leader in the industry.

Another major reason for this sucess is the Holy Cross Energy employees and our current CEO, Del Worley.

Unique in today’s business environment, many of these individuals have committed a lifetime of faithful service to our co-op and its members.

As we lose two longtime directors, it becomes even more important to maintain some continuity going forward. To that end, I highly recommend that you consider Bob Gardner when voting a new director.

Bob will bring his 30-plus year balanced and professional knowledge of the electric industry and Holy Cross Energy specifically. His background is much needed during this transitional period as the board addressed the new challenges of the future.

George Lamb


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