Vail Daily letter: Honored to take part |

Vail Daily letter: Honored to take part

To the residents of Eagle County: Know that I acknowledge your choice for sheriff of Eagle County. By 82 votes, the majority of the voters have made their choice, and I am honored that I have had this opportunity to participate in this election process, learn much and meet so many wonderful people.

The canvass board and the Clerk and Recorder’s Office have spent many hours reviewing and double-checking our system, and because of their findings I am satisfied that the result is valid.

To all of those people both known and unknown to me who stood in my corner and pressed for the change and honored me with your assistance in so many ways including your votes, prayers, emotional support, etc.: I am truly humbled by your faith in my ideas and me and cannot

thank you enough. Your kindness and assistance will be remembered.

To my wife, Carrie, and our boys, Louis and William, without each of you contributing so much of yourselves both emotionally and physically into this campaign, I would not have been able to do this. Your

love and support have been invaluable.

To my opponent, Joe Hoy, I concede this race to you. I bow out with my head held high and ask you to take into account what I have brought out in this very closely contested race and heed the messages from those who supported me. Please remember that your staff is your greatest tool and your greatest asset, and the mark of a truly great leader is in their service and support of their staff and the people they are in place to serve. You have another four years to make your mark and legacy. Use this time wisely and carefully, and I wish you the very best.

James van Beek Eagle

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