Vail Daily letter: Hot dogs |

Vail Daily letter: Hot dogs

Claire Goodson
Vail, CO, Colorado

I was taking my toddler for a walk on the bike path this week at Donovan Park and noticed a women lock her small dog in the car, leaving one window barely cracked open.

I could not let it pass . The outdoor temperature was 82 degrees, and her car was parked in the blazing hot sun. So I questioned her action.

She told me that she would only be 20 minutes and looked at me as if I was crazy.

Every year, many dogs die after being locked inside hot cars.

Often around town here I notice that dogs get toted around and are locked in cars and left in the parking lot. There is no or little awareness on how dangerous it is to the dog, and how extremely hot the inside temperature of a car rises up to.

I would really appreciate it if the Vail Daily could assist in creating an awareness campaign by spreading the word about how dangerous hot cars are for dogs. Could you print an ad a couple of times during the summer and provide the link to the website for more information?

Claire Goodson


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