Vail Daily letter: House 1, people 0 |

Vail Daily letter: House 1, people 0

Jim Akin
Vail, CO, Colorado

Congratulations to Mrs. Pelosi and her “band of brothers” for their victory, a shallow victory at best.

You may have won this battle, but in November you will lose the war. With your arrogant air of superiority, you have managed to awaken the sleeping giant, the silent majority.

You have met the enemy, and they are us! We will march, we will fight, and in the end, we will win. Not for ourselves, as you so nobly represent, but for the American people.

Gloat on your victory quickly, as it will be short-lived. Mr. Bennet and Mr. Polis best dust off their resumes as they will be looking for new jobs come November.

And needless to say, Mr. Obama will for certain join the ranks of many other all-talk and do-nothing one-term presidents. In the end, we the people will prevail!

Jim Akin


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