Vail Daily letter: How can those poll results be that way? |

Vail Daily letter: How can those poll results be that way?

Lori Russell
Vail, CO, Colorado

What’s with the Vail Daily’s Eagle River Station poll asking people if they are for new shopping center in Eagle or against it?

The on-going tally shows the “pros” are neck-and-neck with the “cons,” by just a few votes each day.

Is anyone aware how unrepresentative this poll is? The way it is set up, anyone can vote as many times as they want to.

What’s to say the developers’ team, RED, isn’t sitting at their computers, pumping in the votes (or the other side as well) to make this look like it is largely accepted by voters?

Fact is, only the referendum in January will tell how Eagle residents feel.

And even then, the votes will not include the outlying areas of Eagle or anyone else in the county, even though we will all be hugely affected by this development if it goes through.

So, those of you who can vote within Eagle, be sure you are registered and get out and vote in the referendum. I wish I could.

Lori Russell

Eby Creek

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