Vail Daily letter: How dare you? |

Vail Daily letter: How dare you?

John Rediker
Vail, CO, Colorado

Can you offer an explanation as to why your newspaper is promoting Denver law firms in this area?

As a lawyer who works in this area, I was offended by your Vail Valley Bizwatch article featuring a Denver law firm with no offices located in this valley or no lawyers residing in this valley.

If you’re going to give businesses free advertising, shouldn’t your efforts be expended on lawyers and businesses that operate primarily in this area?

Shouldn’t you support lawyers who service clients here, lawyers who pay taxes here, lawyers who raise families here, and lawyers who are a part of this community? What were you guys thinking?

John Rediker


Editor’s note: Biz Watch is a news service for those who serve the Vail Valley to tell readers about their offerings. You can contact business editor Scott Miller for a Biz Watch questionnaire yourself. Miller can be reached at or at 970-748-2930.

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