Vail Daily letter: How long will you whine? |

Vail Daily letter: How long will you whine?

Drew Schaefer
Vail, CO, Colorado

I read Butch Mazzuca’s column on Nov. 13. Our very own local Rush Limbaugh wannabe offered us the title “Done gloating yet?”

In return, we must ask him: “Are you ever done whining?”

From this statement, “Mitt Romney was the single most qualified candidate for president in our lifetime,” Mr. Mazzuca enters Romney’s mythical world.

Romney suffered a clear smackdown at the polls for the void he presented to the electorate.

Mazzuca, who has incessantly offered dozens of column inches in 2012 and a false, morbid revisionism of Obama’s first term, continues asserting that Obama’s campaign was purely negative, which doesn’t help his cause.

Nevertheless, calling Romney the most “qualified candidate for president” presents a superlative better reserved for Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, the last Republican president displaying positive values.

Mazzuca negates any concerns about Mitt’s personal and professional life choices from the dog on the car and bullying hair-cut incident to his modus operandi at Bain Capital.

Mazzuca wrote: “(Obama) took negative advertising to new levels.” This negates mentioning that Romney’s “shadow campaign” run by Karl Rove’s super PAC, and others, outspent Obama’s “shadow campaign” by a factor of nearly 4 or 5 to 1.

The world laughed at Rove’s expenditure of $300 million, while Americans voted for many candidates that Rove opposed.

Maybe Mr. Mazzuca would rather concentrate his hyperbolic efforts on finding competent Republicans who know better than to discuss “rape.” Those types should submit themselves to Mark Twain’s edict: “Better to keep your mouth shut and appear to be stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”

Romney failed to win because Republicans failed to lead. Republicans fail to lead when they prey on people’s fears about jobs, health care costs, social issues and national safety. Republicans fail to lead when distortions of truth and omissions of fact prey on people’s doubts.

No president has endured such scurrilous personal insults as has Mr. Obama from people very much like Mr. Mazzuca.

Obama won because he doesn’t gloat about those who “have.” He worries about those who “have not.” And that is a sign of a growing society: It nurtures its poor and downtrodden; it educates its young; and retools for its future.

Eight years of Obama’s leadership may actually get us back to the civil society we shared before Mr Bush and Fox News gave us their “Nightmarish Naughts” decade.

Drew Schaefer


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