Vail Daily letter: How to address gun violence |

Vail Daily letter: How to address gun violence

Rich Landy
Vail, CO, Colorado

The current gun control debate in Colorado focuses on two areas: background checks and banning magazines with capacity of greater than 15 rounds.

While improved background checks may help, the argument against so-called assault rifles is simply pure politics.

According to Lou Dobbs on Fox News, in 2011, 325 people were killed by rifles in the United States. Also in 2011, 423 people were killed by hammers and clubs! The politicians want to look good, but they know these changes are meaningless.

Banning high-capacity magazines is just nonsense, since most who want them have already stocked up. Gun, ammo and magazine sales have been better under this president that ever before.

If politicians want to really address gun violence, they need to make committing a crime with a firearm a federal crime with a mandatory 10-year minimum sentence.

Rich Landy


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