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Vail Daily letter: How to properly comment

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How to properly comment

1. On Feb. 13 there was a short and concise letter from a very young sixth-grader, Jamie Trudeau, from the Gypsum Creek Middle School, “Donate time or money.”

The idea is to prompt individuals to take a positive approach to recognize the need to become involved in helping those who need help. It is a meaningful theme that many people in this country, and in Eagle County, ignore and, in spite of themselves, become disgruntled and blather about lackluster topics.

On the same page appeared a very lengthy letter, nearly four times longer, by Michael Welle, about Vice President Biden’s recent trip to Beaver Creek.

On Feb. 19 appeared another lengthy letter on the same topic, Biden’s visit, by Fredric Butler.

I am stunned by their outrageous concern about a stupid subject and their desire to join so many people who have for the last 21⁄2 years kept up a constant barrage of negative hatred and relentless haranguing on any subject before the election and now during the present administration’s attempt to govern. Pick a better topic – perhaps it could be “limited government” – and say what you mean by “limited.” Could it mean no more farmer subsidies, stop putting fluoride in the water, don’t impose tarmac wait-time limit, never again be involved in a personal tragedy like the Terry Schiavo debacle put on by Trent Lot and the Republican Congress? (How many of you right wingers out there were upset at that “government involvement”?)

2. Sal Bommarito wrote a very interesting commentary, “One miracle at a time,” the other day. During his discussion with an individual he narrowed it to one topic – “gay marriage” – and expressed his feelings about the subject. Both pretty much agreed about financial, medical and estate benefits, but the individual felt the idea of gay marriage was empty and meaningless.

Mr. Bommarito followed with a very good thought: “What harm would be done to the individual, his wife, his marriage or anybody else’s marriage if two people of the same sex,” who loved and cared for each other, “were married”? I agree and hope that many people who read this will understand that concept.

Follow Jamie Trudeau’s lead: Write about sensible subjects, and those of you bent on tearing apart this very new administration, give it a chance. The constant negativism will work against you.

Fletcher MacNeill, Vail

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