Vail Daily letter: Hoy for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Hoy for sheriff

Ron Wolfe
Vail, CO, Colorado

Joe Hoy should be re-elected for another term.

Sheriff Hoy has demonstrated strong leadership in administrative management, policing and tactical operations. He is a builder of bridges within the county and across jurisdictional lines to get his job done.

With the current decline in county tax revenues and the expectation that 2012 will see a further decline, significant budget cutting has become mandatory.

Joe stepped up to meet the challenges and created a budget for his department that is aggressively reduced, while having the least possible impact on services and safety.

I admire his attitude during the budgeting process – no whining, just sound analysis and good actions. He also used his leadership and community links to engage a number of citizens to make use of their expertise and experience.

We all know Sheriff Joe; that’s a good thing! If you are a lawbreaker, you know him because he caught you. If you are a citizen in need, you know him because he helped you.

If you are anyone else, you know him because Sheriff Hoy is out among us telling us what is going on and asking us about our concerns.

Joe Hoy builds strong interrelationships with other law enforcement agencies. Just today (Wednesday) the Vail Daily reported on yet another multi-agency statewide enforcement thrust that took down 80 criminals, including some in Eagle County.

The Sheriff’s Office was part of that action. In Avon, he has partnered with the police department on DUI and drug enforcement, crime investigation and crime resolution. By working collaboratively, the agencies are better than if they worked in isolation.

The sheriff is a man of capabilities and action. He changes what he does and how he does it to meet the needs of the time. No “same-old, same-old” with Sheriff Joe. He has proven that he gets the job done and will continue to do so. Vote for Sheriff Joe Hoy.

Ron Wolfe


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