Vail Daily letter: Hoy overspent |

Vail Daily letter: Hoy overspent

Douglas Hill
Vail, CO, Colorado

According to information received from the Eagle County Finance Department, the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office expenditures during Sheriff Hoy’s tenure have increased from a base line of $7 million in 2002 to almost $11.1 million for the year 2009.

This $ 4.1 million change, $3.2 million coming in increased salaries and benefits, represents almost a 60 percent expense jump during the time Sheriff Hoy has been in control.

Sheriff Hoy’s campaign has asked the voters of Eagle County to trust his experience in solving the forth coming county expense crisis that has come about as a result of the economic slowdown. It seems to me that the past experience Sheriff Hoy cites as a positive attribute has been a major contributor to the problem. Why should the voters of Eagle County expect that Mr. Hoy can rapidly change his past methods and rein in the runaway spending that he has presided over for seven years?

I urge you to consider these facts when you cast your ballot in the sheriff’s race. A change in leadership at the Sheriff’s Office is definitely needed.

Vote for Wolf, after all has your income increased by 60 percent over the last seven years?

Douglas Hill


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