Vail Daily letter: Hoy right for county |

Vail Daily letter: Hoy right for county

Grayson Robinson
Vail, CO, Colorado

Since 2002, I have had the honor and opportunity to work with and know Eagle County Sheriff Joe Hoy. As we have served together, for eight years, as members of the County Sheriffs of Colorado Legislative Affairs Committee, Joe has consistently demonstrated his commitment to ensuring that he is a strong voice representing the best interests of the residents of Eagle County. Joe has been and will always be a well-informed voice of reason who demands that government services are provided in a responsible and effective manner.

As a decorated U.S. Army veteran with more that 21 years of progressive local public-safety service, Joe Hoy has proudly served the people of Eagle County as their sheriff since 2002. Sheriff Hoy continues to keep his promises to the community by being an effective problem-solver and being committed to meaningful community partnerships. Joe Hoy consistently performs the responsibilities of Eagle County sheriff in an effective and efficient manner with a focus on conducting his business in a fiscally responsible manner.

Joe is proactively engaged in local, regional, state and national issues with specific attention constantly being given to the well-being of the youth of Eagle County.

As the result of his diverse experience, proven leadership and clear vision for the future, Sheriff Joe Hoy is uniquely qualified to continue to serve the people of Eagle County as their sheriff. During these uncertain and difficult times involving the significant challenges associated with the economy, unemployment and the future of our children, the people of Eagle County need the proven experience, leadership and vision of Sheriff Joe Hoy.

Now is not the time for a sheriff requiring on-the-job training. Now is the time for a proven record of experience, leadership and vision. Sheriff Joe Hoy is the only candidate capable of providing the experience, leadership and vision that the people of Eagle County deserve. Please support Sheriff Joe Hoy, the right choice for Eagle County.

Grayson Robinson

Arapahoe County sheriff

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