Vail Daily letter: Hoy’s the best choice for Eagle County sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Hoy’s the best choice for Eagle County sheriff

Stan Nelson
Vail, CO, Colorado

Local residents may find it odd that a Flagstaff resident would want to endorse a person for Sheriff of Eagle County.

I have a son and daughter-in-law, both with master’s in psychology and employed by school districts and hospitals in your area, as well as other relatives who are watching this election closely. They are law-abiding, church-attending, non-drug-using residents who are very pleased to have had Sheriff Hoy as sheriff for the preceding eight years.

My history at 69 years of age is an entire adult lifetime of law enforcement wherein I supervised an internationally designed anti-smuggling airport unit that trained worldwide airport surveillance officers for anti-drug smuggling and eventually anti-terrorism. I spent seven years as a police commission president, and two years as a justice of the peace in Flagstaff County Court.

In review of the candidates, Joseph Hoy and Charles Wolf, I find that in my opinion, Joe Hoy outshines Deputy Wolf by divisions that could never meet Eagle County residents’ expectations.

My career began starting up the original DARE program in Los Angeles. This is one program that with the enormous flow of drug ingestion from foreign soil by Americans proved successful in creating a peer-pressure reduction in the usage of illegal drugs and still does. Sheriff Hoy was the chief organizer of this program in Eagle County and should be the awe of many a parent for that reason.

Residents are concerned about the cost of the new county jail. They needed to be more concerned with the problem that overcrowding presents as infection of criminal behavior once the prisoner is released from custody. Yes, $24 million was very unpopular with the voters. But those in the know — county judges, police chiefs, the district attorney and the sheriff — supported this jail. It has been successful in even small rehabilitative groups who have successful releases and job-gained ventures.

Sheriff Hoy knows the first priority of a law officer is calls for service. The DUI policy of getting sober passengers to drive slightly influenced DUI persons home was not the best, but it definitely didn’t allow drunks to drive.

Following a release by a local police department, an Eagle County deputy arrested the same driver then very intoxicated three hours later. That caused the sheriff to alter his policy on a three-month testing period. However, if limited deputies are available and a call from a citizen in trouble occurs, it may take as long as an hour for help. I have seen it happen in the city where I was a police commissioner.

Discipline is important, and professional. Sheriff Hoy has done a magnificent job with this.

Last, is carrying concealed weapons with permit. The other candidate wants everyone to carry who can purchase. Arizona recently passed such a law, which is a public safety nightmare. Nazis, white supremacist groups, and militias all are in ecstacy over this law.

In my opinion Sheriff Hoy is the only qualified candidate.

Stan Nelson

Flagstaff, Ariz.

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