Vail Daily letter: Hoy’s the best choice |

Vail Daily letter: Hoy’s the best choice

David K. Cron
Vail, CO, Colorado

As a former Vail and current northern California police officer with over 28 years on the job, I understand why police officers must exercise good judgment and common sense when making decisions that affect people’s lives.

As a candidate, Charles Wolf has said every offender should go to jail. Booking every offender will overwhelm the Eagle County jail and courts. Deputies using discretion and issuing a summons to appear in lieu of booking will reduce the over burdening of the jail staff and court system, not to mention returning deputies to the street to respond to emergency situations.

A deputy making an arrest in Red Cliff, Vail Pass or El Jebel may take him-her off the street for three or more hours. Can you as a resident afford not have deputy available in your area in an emergency?

Sheriff Joe Hoy has spent a lifetime learning about good judgment and common sense. He has spent 20 years learning and teaching about police discretion and the last eight years instilling the proper use of discretion within the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

Noted social scientist and author Kenneth Culp Davis writes that “discretion is the essence of policing” and “that any effort to eliminate it would be ridiculous.”

It would be a shame for Eagle County residents to vote to allow their deputies less discretion.

Vote for Sheriff Joe Hoy on Aug. 10 and Nov. 2.

David K. Cron

San Rafael, Calif.

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