Vail Daily letter: Huge news! |

Vail Daily letter: Huge news!

Buddy Doll
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am providing this link to a story that broke May 26 in The Washington Post, and was finally picked up today May 27 by the Denver Post. Thus far, the Vail Daily doesn’t seem interested.

But this ruling has far-reaching consequences for those employers who have hither-to ignored U.S. immigration laws for their own ends:

This is a huge result for the citizens of the United States. Finally, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of curbing illegal immigration after years and years of straddling the fence or ruling outright in favor of illegals, as they did in 1982 with their decision on Plyer vs Doe, in which the court ruled that it was a violation of the 14th amendment for the State of Texas to refuse school district funding for educating the illegal children of illegal immigrants.

The clincher there was that the decision made it illegal for schools to inquire as to the immigrant status of any child:

It is no surprise to anyone who has followed the illegal immigration issue that Sotomayor dissented. Prior to her confirmation hearings, it was predicted that she would be solidly in the pro-illegal immigration camp. Had Kagan been able to participate, the vote would certainly have been 5-4.

Hopefully, this decision will encourage more states to pass similar laws, and finally encourage the federal law to be applied to all employers, as opposed to the current state of affairs in which it is only applied to contractors who enjoy federal contracts.

Finally, the majority has been heard and their wishes acted upon by a federal court with some standing.

Buddy Doll

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