Vail Daily Letter: I-70 runs through us |

Vail Daily Letter: I-70 runs through us

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Vail, CO Colorado

I was saddened to hear about Jesse Canestorp’s senseless death recently on Inter-state 70. I did not know him, but from the reac-tions I have seen from those that did, I realize that he must have been a really special person. I am so sorry for your loss. Our loss, really, as he seemed to be an integral part of the engine that runs this town – a ski-snowboard “bum” who is willing to work several jobs just to have the chance live in this fantastic place.

I know of at least two other instances of this happening in my time here. What a shame. I-70 has divided our valley for decades. It is our boon and our bane. The north side and south side are less than 100 yards apart. But with the exception of the free bus (we are so lucky to have this fantas-tic bus system; you guys do a superb job!) and one pedestrian bridge, the only way to legally and safely cross that short span is to go all the way around through one of the exit underpasses that are three miles apart. Imagine if we had another pedestrian bridge from the Matterhorn area to the Buf-fehr Creek area. Folks on the south side could walk to the grocery and post office. Folks on the north side could walk to Dono-van Park. Neighbors could visit their neigh-bors on the “other side” by walking.

Those now separate communities would become more united. Drinking and driving (hell, driving in general) may go down a bit, and it may discourage those like Jesse from risking their lives. I realize that this is prob-ably really expensive, but we spent well over a million dollars on that fancy foun-tain. (I saw it under repair again today!) Couldn’t we try to make something like this, which would really enhance our com-munity, a priority?

Chip Bartsch Vail

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