Vail Daily letter: I don’t accept this |

Vail Daily letter: I don’t accept this

Fredric Butler
Vail, CO, Colorado

Obama and the Democratic National Committee claim a referendum for their social agenda, and this in the face of only a 50-50 popular return from those that did vote who represented less than a 12 percent head count out of a population of around 320 million and a stacked Supreme Court that cannot understand the King’s English, politically construes the Constitution as “living” (rather than as historically stated), and has simply lost its way as a foundation for the rule of law.

To partially paraphrase Obama, his so-called referendum is an audacious spin and misconstruction of reality, all in keeping with the Marxist tradition of “truth.”

When you look at the next four years, you will witness the failure of socialism in a dramatic way. Not the failure of capitalism, not the demise of the free market, and not the eradication of the rule of law, since those idealistic precepts do not exist in today’s society.

However, there is a need to educate the public of these conservative principles, and the classroom will not be held in the mainstream media during the ensuing four years. It will be felt by the diminishment in our standard of living, by the expungement of the middle class, and by the absence of opportunities to better ourselves.

The federal government will become more irrelevant in the non-swing states, and have less respect in the mind’s eye of the residents thereof. In other words, the free fall of the economy, the destruction of Judeo-Christian mores, our obsession with trivia and materialism, the resultant poverty, the loss of our credit rating and reserve currency status on an international scale, and the incessant embarrassment we suffer from presidential apologies and actions of the liberal persuasion all will be brought forth for us to witness and digest in this learning experience.

The GOP needs to identify where its strengths lie, and not ignore the platform on which those points are manifest. The GOP campaign in this last election did not cultivate a message that inspired the youthful genre of voters as did the Paul “revolution.”

The GOP needed candidates who spoke the language of music, opportunity, freedom and, yes, a little pot, rather than the staid speakeasy of corporatism, the gray flannel suits of CPACs, all ostensibly displayed with corporate jets, bodyguards and cigars.

The GOP needed a candidate who crossed the political rubicon of the independent movement (those disenchanted with both parties and their agenda).

And finally, it needed a candidate who was a tried-and-true conservative who was always steadfast in that belief system, and with whom honest honest Americans good identify.

As the Electoral College system works an unfair and un-American result, so does our two-party system with the entrenched power brokers that play their game of politics.

Obama has his social agenda, and is playing his game of politics through his endeavor to characterize it as our agenda by referendum. That delusion and charade must be exposed, and will be by his failure to implement his policies hereafter in the hinterlands of this country.

I could go on and on about the direction the global socialists, the progressives, have chosen, but will not, knowing that the consolation in it all is that this old agenda and new direction was chosen by only a privileged few.

Fredric Butler

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