Vail Daily letter: I like Vail’s healthy direction |

Vail Daily letter: I like Vail’s healthy direction

Otto Wiest
Vail, CO, Colorado

It was a wise decision by Vail Mayor Andy Daley and the Town Council to support the Steadman Clinic in building a new facility.

It makes Vail more independent from Vail Resorts, the snow conditions and from the problems with climactic change. I guess that this was one of the most important decisions for Vail’s future.

There are few places like Vail, where the air is clean, the climate ideal and the environment beautiful and healthy. Do you agree, or may I ask why we all are here in Vail? Do you know a better place to be?

Places like Davos, St. Moritz and some others have guests from all over the world who stay there simply to feel well or to get well.

Vail has more than all of them to offer, and the famous hospital is a cornerstone for all the people who need help to get well. I hope that according to the growing importance of the hospital, there will be also plans for the necessary entrance from frontage road that makes the hospital easier to find and better to reach.

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When I came to Vail this season, just the next day I was lying in Vail Valley Medical Center with a serious viral infection. I was very lucky that I had the chance to get such excellent medical care.

Twenty-five years ago, when Dr. Peter Janes repaired my ACL, I was in the same hospital. What a difference now, with the newest equipment and many specialists for all the different needs.

I could not have found a better place to be sick. I was impressed with how well everything was done.

I was also very impressed when I got the bill. I could have bought a nice BMW for all the money. But what good is a BMW when you can’t drive it anymore?

Some days ago, I was reading in a letter to the Vail Daily that the costs to get an ACL repaired are much lower in Denver.

Steadman is not only a clinic for local people. It is world famous, and people from all over the world come to Vail to get help. This needs well-paid and excellent doctors, high-tech equipment and the research to find new and more advanced ways of treatment.

To stay on top requires an unbelievable lot of money and also enough space. But most important is a group of very high-qualified specialists to make it happen.

Vail is very lucky to have all of it. Patients don’t come alone. They stay in Vail, and they bring business to Vail. Let’s not forget that much of the money that is earned in Vail comes from tourists. And even real estate and construction work would not be possible if Vail were not such an attractive place for tourism.

If people come to Vail for health reasons, that becomes a new dimension. Vail has so many possibilities to offer – all kind of sports, nice places to relax, excellent hotels, so many special places for improving your skills and, most important, weather that aids all kinds of healthy outdoor activities.

Last year, I skied a million vertical feet. This year I skied only one day. All I need now is my daily motion, peace and fresh air to get all right again.

Vail is starting to care for more then just skiers. Let’s hope that Vail keeps turning into a world-class resort for health, where visitors can come all year-round to recover and to heal from the stress of big cities and business.

I really like this vision, and I am sure that our Town Council is on the right path. Thank you. It will be good for Vail, and it will be helpful for everybody in this valley.

Otto Wiest


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