Vail Daily letter: I still believe in President Obama |

Vail Daily letter: I still believe in President Obama

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

Despite falling numbers in various polls, I am one who still has faith in our president. When I consider the many problems that he has faced, I sincerely doubt that anyone else would have done any better.

I also wonder whether anyone else would have even tackled the really difficult ones such as expanding and improving health insurance and achieving the legislation required to minimize the possibility of another financial disaster.

I do think that it’s worth noting that neither George W. Bush nor any other recent president did anything at all regarding those two problems, although both of them have been with us for many years.

But Obama did. And although some of us don’t agree with the new legislation, we shouldn’t be too surprised when we consider the diversity of our society. For certain, it’s a diversity that justifies many compromises.

Besides those issues, I believe that he has consistently demonstrated an appreciation of our various races, religions, sexual orientations, political differences and economic status. Furthermore, he has consistently demonstrated intelligence and dignity.

But beyond all of that, I recognize that there are many thoughtful critics who have legitimate concerns regarding unemployment, the economy and our national debt. (Unfortunately, there are also many less thoughtful critics, including racial bigots and those who question his citizenship and/or religion.)

Regarding the economy, I do not understand how the government can create jobs without spending money, and spending money increases the national debt. Incidentally, reducing taxes also increases the national debt. (Reagan’s tax cuts tripled the nation’s debt during his eight years in office, and Bush’s tax cuts doubled it during his two terms.)

If someone will describe a more perfect solution regarding the health care of our citizens and more effective controls of our financial institutions, I will reconsider my allegiance to our president.

Furthermore, if someone will offer a realistic plan to create jobs while reducing both our taxes and our nation’s debt, I will give them my vote.

David Le Vine

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