Vail Daily letter: I was right! |

Vail Daily letter: I was right!

Frank Lorenti
Vail, CO, Colorado

It seems I do more research than the Vail Daily tabloid on items important to we locals.

I am talking about the Energy Smart loan program.

In one of their articles, June 16, they called the feds a bit dumb. The feds are actually looking out for us, finally.

They also said I should not crow too loudly that I was right about my facts, but I was and am right. The county and the proponents can try to force this bad loan down our throats, but that will never change the facts that this is a bad loan program.

The real winner with this loan is Eagle County getting the high interest rate, or your house if you do not pay, from the unknowlegdable and high-risk borrowers. They have already received our tax money to help with this loan, so it has cost us all already.

Now in their latest article, July 9, it seems they are finding out that my facts are right. I had and still have all facts on my website http://www.minturn

If the Vail Daily ever wants to go toe to toe with the true facts, I am more than happy to. Too bad the Vail Daily reporters did not do justice to our locals by doing research before the Energy Loan vote.

Frank Lorenti


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