Vail Daily letter: I won’t be silent |

Vail Daily letter: I won’t be silent

Jennifer Razee
Vail, CO, Colorado

Fredric Butler’s letter to the editor, printed Dec. 20, was written with obvious heartfelt compassion and sympathy for the victims and families affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. However, I must respectfully disagree with his statement that we should “grieve with them in silence.”

I have transitioned from shock and horror, to prayerful and somber on the topic. Now I’m angry, and I want something to change.

I understand that this tragedy is not all about guns. But I want less assault rifles and better controls on guns in my world and the world I leave for my children. I want my elected representatives to hear from me on much needed gun control and voice my support for an assault rifle ban.

I want my friends around the dinner table and via social media to know I support stricter legislation on guns. I want to be heard for the 26 children and teachers who will no longer be heard.

It is exactly the time to stand up and voice your opinion to our congressman, senators and governor. Don’t let this moment to be heard fade into the background of our lives. It’s happened too many times, and with increasing frequency. The murder of these children and teachers in their school has to be enough for us to cry out for swift and meaningful change.

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Jennifer Razee


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