Vail Daily letter: Ideological war persists |

Vail Daily letter: Ideological war persists

Sherman Brown
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have read quite a few letters to the editors, editors’ opinions and regular contributors to this newspapers regarding the recent election. Emotions are always high during the aftermath, and I am sure reader fatigue is settling in on the subject.

I can’t, however, resist adding a few observations. First, the election was closer than most people realize. Obama won by about 4 million votes nationwide. This is about 80,000 a state. If 40,000 of those voters in every state had switched to Romney, we would have had a tie in the popular vote; 40,000 voters is about the size of a small town.

Second, the left is calling the other side haters. Why? The right loves our country just as much as they do, but we have a different vision of what we think it should be like.

Finally, our country has serious financial problems facing us. The left believes that the rich have enough money to take care of our problems through taxes. They refuse to believe, however, that raising tax rates will not make a difference in behavior. Investment in new businesses will fall, as the risk-reward ratio will not be as attractive. Less money for the rich will result in fewer trips to Vail, less money to go out to dinner, and the list is much longer if you care to think it out.

If you take every last dollar from the top 1 percent, it still doesn’t make a dent in the deficit. The middle class will eventually pay the most. That is where the majority of the money is located to pay for our problems.

The biggest difference between our two political parties is this: Republicans sign the front of the check and Democrats sign the back.

Sherman Brown


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