Vail Daily letter: If they really loved U.S. … |

Vail Daily letter: If they really loved U.S. …

Edward Smith
Vail, CO, Colorado

In reference to the letter to the editor “Such a surprise,” by John Marino:

I am a strong advocate for the right of everyone to voice his or her opinion. However, in this case the scenario presented goes beyond the pail of common sense. (That is my opinion).

Mr. Marino’s opinion is closely connected to that of a dictator. On Nov. 6, a majority of the votes was cast for Mr. Obama, and nothing will change that. It is apparent that if the majority of the votes had gone toward Mr. Romney, Mr. Marino would have been ecstatic.

Mr. Marino’s attempt to convey his complete and unbiased love for this country have just the opposite affect. The political process in this country is very simple. If you think your candidate is better than the other, you devote your time and energy getting this point to the masses.

While Mr. Marino and many others of his ilk think they are enlightening the American public by spewing such nonsense, they fail to realize they are doing just the opposite.

If they loved this country, they would engage in a process to move the country forward, because a house divided cannot and will not stand.

In a football game or any other competitive sport, there will be a winner. If the losing team spends their time bashing the winner instead of preparing for the next meeting, they will also lose the next time.

Politics is not a sport, you say? I am talking about winners and losers no matter the venue.

Mr. Romney lost the election because they bought into their own talking points. They convinced many like Mr. Marino and themselves that they were going to win when in fact, they did not make the necessary strides to achieve that objective. Instead of having well-organized forces on the ground, they were dealing with the likes of Rush, Fox News and many other on the extreme right telling the public how easy the win would be. When they lost, folks Like Mr. Marino could only believe the election was rigged.

Simply put, the Fox was captured by the game. The GOP forgot that it takes everyday people to win elections.

The poorest states in the union are GOP. They really know how to sell their talking points to them. With all of their money, they forgot about the regular everyday people and that cost them.

Edward Smith

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