Vail Daily letter: I’ll take the good stuff |

Vail Daily letter: I’ll take the good stuff

Kurt Vogelman
Vail, CO, Colorado

Randy Wyrick: Tequila is a great topic for discussion and does require a significant amount of study and research – primarily, tasting! Your article doesn’t clarify one important detail, the different between mixto tequila and 100 percent de agave tequila.

The mixto is the type used by youthful thrill seekers in college and on a budget. It is distilled from the cheapest ingredients and has color and flavor additives and produces an outstanding hangover.

Any tequila that is 100 percent agave is usually a quality product. There are many distilling practices that can add even more to the quality of tequilas. Silver Herradura is a quality product: Expensive and not the type used by youthful imbibers to party.

Those mixto-type “tequilas” are easy to find at the liquor store. You just need to buy the cheapest ones you can find. It’s that easy. Make mine a sipping tequila!

Fun article. Salud!

Kurt Vogelman

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