Vail Daily letter: I’m ready for a change |

Vail Daily letter: I’m ready for a change

Brandi Resa
Vail, CO, Colorado

If you are tired of an Eagle Town Board with its own agenda, who blatantly disregards the will and input from voters, please join me in voting for Yuri, Brandi, Max and John.

Vanda Whittaker Eagle

Vote for transparency

If you live in Eagle and want transparency in your government, please vote for Yuri Kostick as the new mayor of Eagle. As you may or may not know, I have been filming meetings for some time, because the current mayor believes that if you want to participate, the only way you can do it is to come to Town Hall on Tuesday nights.

I also had to put in quite some effort to get the board packets available to the public prior to the meetings, because the mayor and town manager did not want to make this information available.

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Given the technology options, I think the town can reach citizens, business owners and community members through a variety of ways and not only encourage, but ask for participation.

Yuri Kostick understands this and will have a focus of complete transparency of your town government.

If elected, I too will make transparency one of my main efforts while serving this great community.

However this election turns out, I want to say thanks to each and every member of the community. My involvement in town politics to this point since moving to Eagle has been interesting, entertaining, exhausting, fun and most of all has made me appreciate being part of a small town with tons of character and an extremely high quality of life.

Get out on April 3 and vote for Yuri Kostick for the new mayor of Eagle to ensure complete transparency in your government.

Brandi Resa

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