Vail Daily letter: I’m the criminal? |

Vail Daily letter: I’m the criminal?

Fredric Butler
Vail, CO, Colorado

Let me get this straight: I am a resident of the state of Colorado and presumably of the United States, as my passport so indicates, and the Colorado Legislature now sits in session to consider new laws that would impose upon me further restraints upon my right to keep, possess and bear arms.

That is, whether I may carry a weapon with a magazine of 15 rounds or more; whether I may purchase or sell a firearm to my neighbor without notifying the authorities that I am doing so; whether a private sale of a weapon requires registration of the weapon; and whether I will be prohibited from carrying a weapon, concealed or otherwise, upon a college campus. The alleged purpose of this busy work is to further protect me or others from my criminal acts or me from their indiscretions.

Mind you, not a word in this proposed legislation is specifically directed toward the criminal or terrorist himself, or even the acts that he may perpetrate.

Contemporaneously with this legislative work in progress, I am burdened with a federal government that is or has been actively selling weapons to Mexican drug cartels under their so-called “fast and furious” operation; laying off around 60,000 Border Patrol agents who are in place to prevent criminals or terrorists from entering our southern borders; authorizing the gift of sophisticated warplanes and other dangerous weapons (worth billions) to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (my sworn enemy who seeks to kill me, Jews and other infidels); authorizing the payment of $250,000,000 to my Muslim enemies per John Kerry’s latest pronouncement; the stockpiling of millions of rounds of ammunition (1.6 billion) and armored vehicles (3,000) in government compounds within the U.S. under the pretense of “fighting terrorism” (during a defense budget cut); providing aid and billions of dollars to the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah, organizations that are chartered to kill every Jew and infidel they can find; authorizing the use of military drones (30,000) against American citizens on the homeland who are suspected by Homeland Security of being disloyal or “terrorists”; and the construction of concentration camps (euphemistically called “FEMA camps”) within the U.S., one of which is to be located near Fort Carson in Colorado.

All this is under the pretense of fighting terrorism. Just who does the federal regime in Washington represent? Who are the terrorists they fear?

To further curtail my actions, make me feel safe and eviscerate my inalienable rights, this same government has suspended my right of redress under a petition for Habeas Corpus, expunged my right to privacy under the wire-tapping provisions of the Patriot Act, and totally eliminated my right to a trial and due process under what the government calls the euphemism of National Defense Authorization Act. All of this is under the pretense of fighting terrorism.

Mind you, all of these executive orders and laws are inimical to my well-being as an American citizen but beneficial to the interests of my many enemies and a federal leviathan.

Notwithstanding these extreme dangers and in keeping with the agenda of the federal regime, we now have our Colorado Legislature concerning itself with an imagined threat to society that I and other law-abiding citizens pose by prohibiting us from carrying a gun capable of firing 15 or more bullets at one time in defense of myself or my family; defending the college campuses in Colorado from the danger I and such others pose if we were to carry a weapon on campus; and finally precluding one more potential criminal (me) from obtaining an unregistered firearm. All of this is under the pretense of fighting crime or terrorism.

Why do Diane Mitch Bush and Millie Hammer look at me as a criminal or a potential one? Why are they so feckless and cavalier about my sentiments in the matter?

For Colorado and the United States to target me and the imagined danger that I pose to society with the inane legislation they have conjured and in the same breath give aid, sustenance and comfort to my enemies, or even fail to address the greater dangers the Muslim Brotherhood, Mexican cartels et al and the U.S. Justice Department pose to society in general, is simply uncomprehendable to the rational mind.

The legislatures, both federal and state, need to do the work of the people rather than busy work that may impress us with their perceived activity but only conceals their inactivity concerning the real and present dangers that confront us all.

The affirmative votes for this new Colorado legislation by Hammer and Bush simply insults the integrity of the Colorado resident and facilitates the endeavors of that small cadre of criminals and deranged sociopaths.

In the face of the other dangers that confront us, this new Colorado gun control legislation is but a tempest in a teapot.

Fredric Butler

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