Vail Daily letter: Impact of Steadman Clinic is real |

Vail Daily letter: Impact of Steadman Clinic is real

Richard Silverman
Vail, CO, Colorado

This letter is for the naysayers and haters of the proposed Steadman center, such as Jim Lamont and Don Cohen. It’s sad that educated men such as yourselves can’t or won’t see the economic impact of having an expanded Steadman Clinic in Vail.

So here’s a fact you can’t deny: An independent study done over two years ago, conservatively estimated that the clinic brings in $85 million to $95 million annually to our local economy. That’s second only to Vail Resorts. Show me another investment the town of Vail could make that brings that kind of return.

Further, it is because of the Steadman Clinic that a new medical company, ANTREX, is opening a new lab in Vail. The Steadman name is now global, and growing every day. Everywhere the clinic’s name goes, Vail’s name and brand goes with it. You can’t buy that kind of exposure.

Ask the employees of the Sonnenalp, Four Seasons and the Sebastian what the clinic patients mean to their business. My business only exists because the clinic exists, and I provide four full-time jobs that disappear if the clinic does. Mr. Cohen’s assertion that the hospital business and clinic have plateaued has no basis in fact, and no numbers to back it up. It seems Mr. Cohen has a habit of making blanket statements that only reflect his opinion rather than studying the issue.

This is a project the entire town benefits from, and one we should all get behind.

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Richard Silverman


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