Vail Daily letter: Important election for Holy Cross board |

Vail Daily letter: Important election for Holy Cross board

Dave Mott
Vail, CO, Colorado

By now, you should have received the Holy Cross Energy newsletter and voting materials to elect board members. Please don’t discard them. Your vote is important!

As a board candidate and having attended several Holy Cross board meetings, I understand their approach to providing reliable, affordable power consistent with sound environmental practices.

This involves wind turbines, solar panels, hydro and biomass for renewable energy, and conventional power generation for reliability and economy. I fully support this balanced approach.

I’m a graduate engineer and a 40-year resident, and as such will contribute a background of related experience in the energy industry and numerous years of serving on a variety of local boards. I’ll appreciate your vote and will be honored to serve the community.

Dave Mott

Candidate for Holy Cross Energy Board, Wolcott

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