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Vail Daily letter: in a word

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Explanation of the Joe Sestak job offer to get out of the Pennsylvania primary with Arlen Specter as “politics as usual” when President Obama promised “transparency” and to “change the way Washington does business”: Outrageous!

Not having the federal government immediately address the oil spill as a national disaster. There will be a solution and unfortunately it will be later than sooner: Outrageous!

President Obama’s worldwide apology tour: Outrageous!

Vice President Joe Biden saying that Belgium has a legitimate claim to the title as the “capital of the free world” after stating that the United States has held that title: Outrageous!

Health care mandates, border issues and our Congress: All outrageous!

All of the above has affected our standing in the world. We are being seen as a weaker nation, and that is emboldening our detractors and enemies. Hope and change? This is not the change that America voted for … and we are slowly losing hope.

Dr. Michael Schneider, Vail Valley 9.12 Project

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