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Vail Daily letter: In equal measure

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There have been a number of opinions, letters and columns lately dealing with two things: the Obama administration’s response to the BP oil spill and the allegations of unethical and possibly illegal conduct on the part of administration members.

To a large degree, I see and I completely agree with the criticisms.

There have been numerous comparisons between Katrina and the BP spill and, to some extent, they are very valid.

What the people of our nation need to see in times of crisis is leadership and a real hands-on presence, and both the Bush and Obama administrations failed to provide those in both instances.

When the people of New Orleans were literally dying in the streets and in the Superdome, the federal government dropped the ball in terms of leadership and presence. When FEMA did not respond and when Condoleezza Rice was attending “Spamalot” and shopping on Fifth Avenue in New York while the people of New Orleans suffered, the message – right or wrong – was sent that our government did not care.

When Obama remained quiet and spent his time in San Francisco doing campaign fundraising events instead of being on the scene of the oil spill, the same message was sent.

He should have been there, and he should have been holding daily press conferences.

Regardless of what may have been happening in the Oval Office, the people need to see their leaders involved, and such was not the case either time.

And while potential scandals are brewing in the current administration, let’s not forget the myriad of scandals associated with the Bush-Cheney White House, including things equally unethical and possibly illegal. If you would like me to, I would be happy to write another letter enumerating each and every one of the Bush administration scandals.

So the point I want to make is this: If you didn’t jump on the bandwagon to criticize Bush during Katrina and you didn’t yell and scream about the possible criminal and unethical behavior of that administration, you don’t get to criticize Obama now for the same sorts of things.

If you made excuses then, you have to make the same excuses now. And if you did criticize Bush then, you have to hold Obama to the very same standards today.

You just cannot have it both ways. Unless, of course, you are simply a total partisan crazy jumping on any and every chance to “get” the other side while turning a blind eye to the same problems plaguing your side. In that case, you are simply a hypocritical opportunist who is not worth listening to.

Dick Gustafson’s recent column made some good sense – until the last three paragraphs in which he lost me completely.

Many of the very same accusations he made about the Obama administration were leveled with good reason at Bush and Cheney.

But it is as if none of that ever occurred in the vacuum in which Mr. Gustafson apparently lives. And as before, you lose the right to criticize unless you do so equally and across the boards without party bias.

If Gustafson had ended his writing with the same reason and good sense he began it, I’d have respected it and him.

But as soon as he got all Glenn Beck conspiracy crazy and started throwing around truly insane accusations, he rendered the entire column worthless.

I have to seriously doubt the mental stability of the American people if they really and truly believe the unhinged and utter crap they spew forth in opposition to their opposing party. Really, these points of view are nothing short of psychotic.

If we are to, as you say, “lose” America, Mr. Gustafson, it will not be because of any administration or any politician.

It will be because of the truly deranged and demented extremists on both sides of the party aisle who believe the outlandish paranoia they are being fed and which they so happily spread.

They are the ones dividing this country and making it impossible for anything of value to be accomplished.

David Dillon, Eagle

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