Vail Daily letter: Inaccurate assessment |

Vail Daily letter: Inaccurate assessment

Kevin Kottenstette
Gypsum, CO Colorado

I am not a person who has had to defend my character or sportsmanship. This letter is in response to Allison Butler’s letter to the editor on Oct. 20 titled, “What happened to sportsmanship?”

That letter is a very inaccurate assessment of my coaching and me. This is my 28th year coaching in this valley, and one of the most important qualities a man can have is good character.

Sports are like life; a loss can make you stronger if you have the ability to overcome adversity. For some, a loss is a painful, emotional event that may cause one to make excuses. But excuses can only weaken a person. Blaming the coach for a one-sided game, or worse yet, blaming the official, will not make you stronger.

I believe that my opponents would rather lose a good game than know the other team stopped playing hard.

The passing in the second half you spoke about was at the start of the second half. A typical way coaches try to keep a score from getting too lopsided is to have the offense run plays that do not run up the score, but to tell your defense to keep playing hard.

The Gypsum Creek Middle School defense that caused three interceptions and one fumble in the second half is the main reason for the high score. As for trick plays, we ran a counter, and we passed the ball, neither of which are trick plays. The point after a touchdown in middle school is almost always a two-point conversion. It is very rare for a middle school team to kick a PAT.

I called a timeout halfway through the third quarter and told the team, “We will only run between the tackles for the rest of the game.” This is to say run hard, block hard and have fun, but we’re not going to run plays to score.

Out of respect for my opponent, we did not tell our defense not to tackle or intercept the passes. That would be more of an insult than the score.

“Adversity causes some men to break, others to break records.” – William A. Ward.

We only weaken a team by making statements that the coach is a bad sport.

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