Vail Daily letter: Interesting times |

Vail Daily letter: Interesting times

Alan M. Aarons
Vail, CO, Colorado

Admittedly, I cast my vote last November for Mr Obama.

It was not so much that I believed in him, or the Democratic Party, but more that I believed the other side blew it.

They had the best shot at the leadership of this nation since the days of General Eisenhower.

But with a number of qualified, strong candidates for the job, they chose an able but aging veteran and politician who possibly might not constructively finish out his turn, much less be up to a second.

As a running mate, they had an opportunity to ensure their chances for consistency and continuation with a number of qualified and able choices.

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But they blew it big time, and, ergo, a pitiful selection, all resulting in a number, make that a big number, of votes, like mine, for Mr. Obama.

Our president was not a bad choice, but maybe, just maybe, his anointment was a tad premature.

As his term in office has progressed, there have been a number of questionable choices in his decisions and selections made, I believe, with the help of poor advice and prompting by those surrounding him.

I also believe, due to his inexperience (he did not, after all, serve out even a single term in the Senate, nor any previous national office), he was too prone to rely on lesser opinions than his own.

If there is any one person in the White House currently that is showing a “class act,” it is his wife. She, in my opinion, has been the superior choice of “resident,” which just happens to rhyme with …

Each day, as I peruse my dailies from Denver and locally, as well as my attention to the evening news, I find the ongoing activities and opinions being expressed by the recognizable folk in government and politics, along with those in the field of entertainment to be of far greater newsworthy, surprising, and often, laughable than the sports pages or the funnies with which I have indulged over the years.

Sports have become almost unbearable in its reliance on individual personalities,rather than team or league activities, and the funnies, aren’t.

Of course, like the majority of my nation’s “average” citizens, these forms of media along with the evening broadcast news are my sole, or certainly most reliable source of the condition of the nation, and the world, today.

As for the world outside our borders, oh boy, what a bunch of messes there appear to be out there. My advice, stay home.

Whatever happened to “peace on earth; good will toward men?”

It seems, again, from my limited sources of information, that everyone hates somebody.

The primary job of the United Nations, which at one time was deemed to be the “peacekeeper of the world’s nations,” has been reduced to feeding just about half of those while our good old USA does the same for the other half.

Of course, that isn’t really so bad. Aren’t there any farms in Africa?

Each day I read letters, like this one, from “average citizens” in the papers and it occurs to me that these people seem to have a better grip on the conditions and inflictions of the times than the people we have chosen to deal with them.

Is it possible, just a teeny, weeny bit possible, that the wrong ones choose to run for public office, and that we choose the wrong ones to put there?

Where is Wendell Wilkie when we really need him?

Alan M. Aarons


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