Vail Daily letter: Interstate irony |

Vail Daily letter: Interstate irony

Caleb Voss
Avon, CO Colorado

To the Town of Vail,

Today at around 1:15 p.m., I was driving to work on I-70 eastbound and passing the on-ramp 173 (West Vail). A town of Vail truck with the big electric sign on the back of it which was driving erratically cut me off as he was joining the interstate (heading eastbound). I moved into the left lane, he did the same thing, then he braked on me.

I find it extremely ironic that a “safety” vehicle which was not even up to speed for being in the left lane (and aware that I was behind him) would decelerate in icy conditions, as this is conducive to causing an accident. As a result of his braking, I was also forced to apply brakes sharply in order to avoid a collision. Despite my vehicle being fitted with snow tires and being an all-wheel drive, it still lost traction and spun off the road into a snowbank.

What annoys me the most about what happened is the fact that the driver had to have seen this in his mirrors and didn’t even stop. He just turned on his sign for everyone to move to the right lane and kept going up the road like nothing happen.

A gentleman who saw what happened tried to help me get out. He was surprised how the town of Vail driver just kept going and didn’t even stop. After a few tries we still couldn’t get the car to move. He informed me he had to leave, because he had to get to work himself. I thanked him for trying to help me get out. The man who help me is a constant reminder of the individuals of this valley who are willing to go out of their way and help someone they don’t know.

The Vail police showed up a few minutes later after the gentleman left. They asked me if I was OK. I informed them how I ended up on the side of the road. They tried to push me out, which of course didn’t work. They told me that they could call a tow truck to get me out. The officers stayed till the tow truck showed up around 2 p.m. and towed me out of my spot onto the road.

Safety is a big concern in adverse weather conditions. To have an individual who is careless on the road threatens the very safety of everyone who is driving on that road with them. Even more is when the individual is supposed to be the one trying to make the road safe and fails to do that.

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