Vail Daily letter: Is U.N. involved? |

Vail Daily letter: Is U.N. involved?

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Vail, CO Colorado

Regarding the proposed Hidden Gems legislation, allow me to direct the following pointed questions to Messrs. Polis and Bennet, our representatives, and I do so with trepidation and expectation of the personal attacks from stage left:

• Does the Department of the Interior have in its archives any correspondence from the United Nations regarding the protection of these lands (Gems) from the American people? Is this legislation a part of the fabric in Agenda 21?

• Could not the people who dwell and survive next to these lands be better stewards of the wild than the myriad of clerks, czars and overseers at the Interior Department, the Department of Agriculture or the United Nations? Witness the private organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, the Elk Foundation, etc., and their contributions.

When there are mandatory provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act that preclude discrimination against the handicapped regarding access to all places, public or private, just how will this new Hidden Gems legislation comply with those prerequisites? How does that wounded Iraqi veteran manage his wheelchair up that steep and rocky trail?

How many of the prospective legislators have ventured into the wild and away from the manicured golf courses to experience the present state of the wilderness vis-a-vis what they propose to legislate it into? Does a horse diminish the experience any more than a bike, an ATV or a wheelchair?

• Will not this proposed legislation have an adverse effect upon the necessary training activities of the military – like the high-altitude helicopter training facility in Eagle? Do we diminish the safety of flight crews to enhance a monument we only read about in a history book?

• In enacting this legislation, are we really protecting these lands from the American people’s use and enjoyment? In other words, do we really have that much trust and faith in the federal government to buy into its hype that it is all for the good of the “people”? Of what people do they speak?

• When the president of the United States sits in the forum of the United Nations concurrently with his official capacity as the representative of the American people, does a question not arise regarding his conflicting loyalties?

Please be reminded that the Constitution of the United States expressly precludes the president from holding both a domestic and a foreign public office at the same time.

If there is to be a “Hidden Gem” in our backyard, let it be fomented by the American people and not those of nations hostile to us that frequent the club of the United Nations.

Fredric Butler

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