Vail Daily letter: Issue worth voting on |

Vail Daily letter: Issue worth voting on

Shayne Mitchell
Vail, CO, Colorado

In your Feb. 23 issue, you published a very short and short-sighted letter from an Avon resident titled “More tax for open space?” Although this letter was only nine lines long, it could not have been further off base for two reasons:

1) Open space is a hot topic countywide, and whether you are in support or opposition, the tax should be put to the ballot so Eagle County voters can decide whether to continue, or discontinue, the tax. To imply that open space is the only method of ensuring that large developments don’t overrun the valley is absurd. Since the author of that letter is admittedly new to the area, maybe he or she should grab a map and discover how small the percentage of Eagle County is that can or will ever be developed. In fact, the Eagle County Board of Commissioners should reconsider its involvement in land, real estate and housing as a whole. There are many who would argue that property owners in Eagle County pay lower property tax bills than other parts of the state, and therefore we must not be paying enough. I would argue that residents of other counties are simply paying too much.

2) To suggest for even a moment that this valley survives on “travel-tourism” alone couldn’t be further from the truth. We are all aware of the impact the resort-tourism industry has made on this valley and the local economy. Vail Resorts has done a phenomenal job of keeping our “travel-tourism” industry on the worldwide map. However, we are now more than two generations past the inception of the resort boom that made our beloved valley such a great place to live and raise our families.

The construction boom of the past 40 years has planted an entrepreneurial seed in this valley that is just as much a part of the local economy as the tourism industry. We should be focusing on continued development of our local businesses and fostering new commerce ideas as we look to the future.

Shayne Mitchell

Eagle County commissioner candidate, Eagle

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