Vail Daily letter: It’s a revolution! |

Vail Daily letter: It’s a revolution!

Fred Butler
Vail, CO, Colorado

During the campaigns of 2008, we heard of “hope and change” ad nauseam. Now in this election year of 2012 we have hopeless stagnation and an overwhelming need for change — to a new and another administration, that is.

Mr. Obama promised that if things were not better after four years of his administration, he would only be in it for one term. When asked recently as to how he thought he had performed in office, he stated “incomplete.”

What is more notable, Mr. Obama has never stated that we are better off today than four years ago, yet he is running for another term. Is this just another one of the many broken promises or meaningless declarations?

When one looks at what the Obama administration and its hand-maiden, the Democratic Senate, has wrought these past four years, we now understand what he meant by change. He meant revolution!

Ordinarily, a revolution is an overthrow or repudiation and thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed, or the change from one constitution to another (Aristotle). This may occur by way of violence through insurrection (civil war) or subtly through the furtive, surreptitious and devious elimination of individual rights by way of executive orders or programmed legislation (oft-times unread).

The people of this country did not initiate a revolution as defined above through the electoral process. Rather, they put their faith and trust in an inexperienced, unvetted and unknown pitchman to restore this nation to prosperity, opportunity, respect and individual freedom. They did this because they listened to him and believe in what he said.

Mr. Obama, not the people, has brought a revolution of his own making, and that being his endeavors to replace America’s historic Constitution with that espoused by the likes of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin, Saul Alinski, Norman Thomas, Bill Ayers and Mohammed, to name but a few.

He has partially and substantially accomplished his revolution through the issuance of arbitrary regulations issued by inexperienced, unvetted and crony czars, thereby hamstringing the vitality of the economy, resulting in the grievous detriment to a once healthy employment segment of society.

He has imperiously and illegally legislated laws through the misuse and abuse of his privilege to issue executive orders, and even to the extent of obstructing justice itself.

Witness his exercise of executive privilege to block further inquiry into the government’s sale and distribution of guns to the Mexican drug cartels.

He has confiscated inalienable rights of the people through his promotion and approval of laws, in concert with the Congress, such as the Patriot and National Defense Authorization acts, and his tacit adoption of Agenda 21 of the United Nations. I could go on, but life will be short, what with this revolution.

If a majority of the Electoral College re-elects Mr. Obama for a second term, in concert with the return of his rubber-stamp Congress, then there will be a de facto revolution, this time brought by the people to remove a charlatan and tyrant — not through attrition, but fought with the blood of patriots as Thomas Paine once put it.

I guarantee that you will experience the disbandment of this halcyon and historical union with the succession of various states, most notably by the republic of Texas at the forefront.

We have found our enemy, and it is domestic, not foreign. We know what cost freedom will exact, either through the ballot box or on the streets with its loss of innocents.

Some will say that I am wrong in my opinion, that I am unAmerican or delusional.

But consider this: If I am right, I will not be a vintage American hereafter, but will become that revolutionary seeking to restore the rule of law that has lasted 220 years, the Constitution of the United States (circa 1789). Now, do you want those odds?

Fred Butler

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