Vail Daily letter: It’s about amnesty |

Vail Daily letter: It’s about amnesty

Marty Lich
Gypsum, CO Colorado

Having read both Arizona letters regard-ing Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado as well as the Center for Immigration Studies, I wish to address a few items. It appears both the Arizona letter writers took a few talking points from an article in the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Specific to the Center for Immigration Studies, it has for 25 years made the case for a pro-immigrant, low-immigration pol-icy that admits fewer immigrants but extends a warmer welcome to those admit-ted. Every one of its publications is avail-able to read online at www. cis. org – you can go see for yourself what it’s about. The actual CIS board of directors includes the president of the Miami Urban League and the former head of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

Further, neither the chairman of CIS, for-mer Treasury Undersecretary Peter Nunez nor CIS’ executive director, Mark Krikori-an, takes orders, or even direction, from anyone outside the organization. Feel free to ask them!

If one wished to “point fingers,” this was ill-advised with regard to CIS.

If one wished to take an up- close and personal look, one could look long and hard at the Southern Poverty Law Center, which was founded by civil- rights lawyer Morris Dees and a member of the Direct Marketing Association Hall of Fame, for example.

And then there is the sudden Arizona interest in our Colorado state politics!

I wondered, as should you all, why.

Reality is this – Polis’ plan is not about “startup” immigrant visas – it is all about amnesty. You see, I did a bit of reading. And I will paste from the Polis homepage regarding his proposal to change the coun-try’s immigration system – ” would also create a path to legalization for illegal immigrants.”

That sentence does explain the sudden interest in Colorado politics from two Ari-zona residents! Amnesty, in other words.

For Mr. Fleischman and Mr. Griffin, Americans, including Coloradans, take no issue with immigrants. In fact, we welcome them. However, lawful American residents absolutely take issue with the criminal actions of illegal immigrants, although we understand why many of them do come here unlawfully.

And with saying that, one also needs to read through the Pew Hispanic Report of April 2009 titled “A Portrait of Unautho-rized Immigrants in the United States” to see the ongoing financial toll on our tax-paying society. If employers were held accountable, if we taxpayers were not funding their health care plus our own, if our schools were not admitting and offering more than the Plyler v. Doe, 457 U. S. 202 ( 1982) ruling of basic elementary kindergarten- through-12th- grade education only (eliminating buses, free and reduced-price lunches, etc.), we taxpayers would not take such outraged issue with this continued and allowed illegal immigration.

However, these are “big ifs” and thus far remain unaddressed and, in fact, ignored. And a new amnesty will not resolve this as history has shown us.

To close, I also wish to thank the editor of the Vail Daily, for you opened the door for a more in-depth education on the Cen-ter for Immigration Studies as well as the current Colorado Polis Plan of Action (also known as a “amnesty”) issue under way.

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