Vail Daily letter: It’s all over now |

Vail Daily letter: It’s all over now

Melanie Pfeiffer
Vail, CO, Colorado

Every four years, individuals on both sides of the political aisle will claim their election to be the most important in American history.

This time, it was no exaggeration. It was a deciding factor on whether we continue on the path against everything this country was founded upon, or if we get back to the principles that have made us the superpower we are (were).

I studied American history for years and refuse to believe that our founding fathers wanted presidential elections to be so entirely life altering for the general populous.

As more and more people become dependent upon the government for survival, the more vital these elections become. We used to be a country that prided ourselves upon our diligence and willingness to prevail regardless of what obstacles faced us.

Now, too many of us depend on the government to bail us out of our bad choices and hardships (much to the detriment of others). We have turned into a gimme nation, expecting something for nothing.

As long as there are politicians promising to protect us from every type of unfortunate happening, there will always be a way for government to intrude upon every citizen’s life like a pervasive fungus.

The Constitution never promised smooth sailing. It never promised that life would be lollipops and rainbows. It did, however, state that every American citizen will have their life and liberty protected.

Let’s not forget it promised the ability to pursue happiness, to pursue prosperity … never a guarantee of it.

Our parents and grandparents came to this country for work, for personal freedoms, for a better life. Now the driving force behind immigration is free housing, free sustenance, and soon free health care.

Funding for these entitlements does not come out of thin air, or from borrowed Chinese money. It comes from your paycheck.

I am in no way saying that we shouldn’t be helping those who are truly in need. In response to Hurricane Sandy, so far Americans have donated over $15 million for relief efforts. We are innately generous by nature.

What I do have a problem with is standing behind someone in a grocery line who is paying with food stamps as they text on their brand new iPhone 5.

When did I, as a taxpayer, become responsible for someone else’s fiscal irresponsibility? As many of y’all, I could go on for days about everything wrong for the government, but couldn’t put a comprehensive plan together on how to fix it. I can tell you how to make it more dangerous, but unfortunately it will become obvious to all of us as the next four years pass by.

Higher taxes to pay for entitlements, higher unemployment resulting in more reliance upon government assistance, more evident division in parties, complete economic collapse, decreased protection from foreign invaders, unaffordable energy, and the list goes on.

The deed is done. Obama has been re-elected. What is there to do now other than sit back and watch the systematic dismantling of everything this still somehow great country was established upon? Move to another country? Start a civil war? Climb into a bomb shelter with a small arsenal of weapons? Pray the Mayans were right about next month?

All of this seems extreme, but great empires have fallen before and they will fall again. Are we next?

I am not saying that if Romney was elected that we would be on our road to recovery from the assault the Obama administration has inflicted over their last term, but maybe – just maybe – our country would have had a fighting chance.

We will never know.

“The policy of the American government is to leave their citizens free, neither restraining nor aiding them in their pursuits.” – Thomas Jefferson

Melanie Pfeiffer


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