Vail Daily letter: It’s not what you ride |

Vail Daily letter: It’s not what you ride

Kristina Johnson
Vail, CO, Colorado

In response to the letter sent to the Vail Daily by Michael Haviland, printed March 13.

Dear Mr. Haviland: I take great offense to the headline (written by the Vail Daily) and the condescending tone in your letter, “Rein in the snowboarders.”

It is unfortunate that you (or anyone, for that matter) get hurt on the mountain, but skiing and snowboarding are inherently hazardous sports and ones that involve risk. We face unpredictable factors like weather, human nature and changing conditions when we hop on the ski lift. While you blame your problems entirely on one group of people (snowboarders), I tend to think more open-mindedly, which is where we think differently.

As a lifelong snow sports enthusiast, I have enjoyed skiing since the age of 4 and more recently, snowboarding as an adult. As someone who enjoys both sports, the bigger picture here is how everyone, both skiers and riders alike, handle themselves on the mountain and how we should all work together from riders to lift operators to patrollers, to make our mountain safer.

Instead of calling out a separation of skiers and riders, we need to have a better understanding of the ethics of skiing and riding. We should all be able to enjoy and share a mountain together, not work on solutions of “indiscriminate mixing of skiers and snowboarders” as you mention.

Kristina Johnson

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