Vail Daily letter: June Creek’s the best |

Vail Daily letter: June Creek’s the best

Carol Koch
Vail, CO, Colorado

As another school year closes, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the staff at June Creek Elementary School for another great year.

This is our third year at the school. We had attended three other elementary schools in two different districts because of unforeseen changes, and I can honestly say that we have had the best overall experience at June Creek.

I cannot overstate how pleased I am with the amount of academic attention that my boys receive at June Creek.

Four days a week, they participate in small groups in which they are guided through projects that extend the learning that is going on in the classroom.

Their classroom teachers recognize when assessment tools do not truly demonstrate their ability and seek out other means of assessment.

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The classroom teachers work collaboratively with the support staff to ensure that my boys have been challenged academically during the entire year. This started from day one and continues into the last weeks of the school year.

I would like to thank a few individuals who have worked directly with my boys.

Adam Markert made a difficult transition to a new school comfortable and fun for my son.

Jonathan Selbig recognized early on the need for challenge and sought out support staff to provide extended learning.

Tom van Cleave paired students with academic partners. He also works with support staff to ensure that each student is challenged.

Mr. van Cleave has gone out of his way to find book series that engage students based on individual interests which has sparked a love of reading in my son.

Matt Meagher made sure that my son was challenged in all subject matters and also collaborated with support staff to provide that challenge.

Because of his leadership, what could have been a difficult year became one of the most enjoyable that my son has had.

Finally, Jenn Martinez has coached the classroom teachers and provided direct instruction to make sure that both boys are challenged and enjoy school.

The projects that she guided them through have shown creativity, exposed them to new technological resources and provided academic challenge.

We look forward to one more year at June Creek and moving on to Berry Creek.

I am confident that the academic rigor will continue at Berry Creek. I just received an email outlining the plan for challenging my son next year.

Carol Koch


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