Vail Daily letter: Just Butch and Fox News … |

Vail Daily letter: Just Butch and Fox News …

Fletcher MacNeill
Vail, CO, Colorado

Reading Mazucca’s piece of July 19, one is surprised to see a smile on his face in the ” My View” column. In the same issue appeared these clips: “Business looking good, occupancy climbing”; “Jump in housing starts”; “Earnings send stocks up …”This suggests something good is going on.

Why is Butch criticizing as if Obama hasn’t tried working with the other side of the aisle? In one State of the Union address to Congress one distinctively heard “Liar! shouted out by a member of the opposition. Would Obama have a chance to reach out?

No matter what Obama has done constructively, Mazzuca and many others, Fox News especially, have derided the president unrelentingly with unfounded criticism.

Constant negativism and downright obstructionism shows us how the Republicans do not care about the American people. They did convince some voters to put them in Congress in 2012 so they will be able to create jobs. Did they? No.

House Speak John Boehner speaks often of Obama being a one-term president when he should be talking about really creating jobs, about immigration and about health care.

The foreign relations of our country is proving to be outstanding, in my judgement. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has proved the leadership of Obama and the use of her excellent negotiating skills. We cannot lose the gains we have made in world diplomacy and other areas by the election of Romney.

Certainly as a capitalist, Romney has great experience, pays his tithing and perhaps gives to his favorite charities. I wonder what Butch calls those who may pay their taxes at 15 percent sometimes, but with so much extra millions coming in every year, go to tax havens offshore. This to avoid paying taxes. That’s something the lowly garbage collector can’t do. Butch should write a column about offshore tax havens, how to get them and how they work.

I agree with Mr. Mazucca’s hope, and also mine, that the undecided middle will consider results occurring now versus misleading rhetoric of four years — and vote for President Obama.

Fletcher MacNeill


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