Vail Daily letter: Just like Arizona |

Vail Daily letter: Just like Arizona

Nick Bascetta
Vail, CO, Colorado

Gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis is on the right side of the immigration debate.

McInnis supports Gov. Brewer’s regulations in Arizona and hopes to take action once he’s in office to tighten down on illegal immigration in Colorado.

A huge influx of illegal immigrants affects the state negatively in so many ways.

Illegal immigrants cause unemployment. I

llegal aliens are not counted as part of the population, and they are employed with under-the-table jobs that Coloradans could have legally.

Also, illegal aliens are funded through government welfare programs like Medicaid and NAFS (food stamps).

That funding comes from somewhere.

It’s your tax dollars!

Your tax dollars are funding illegal immigrants’ food, housing and medical services, and they pay zero into that tax pool.

I have no problem with my tax dollars going to those less fortunate and aiding those who need it.

However, illegal immigrants are taking money away from those hard-working Americans who are unemployed or struggling.

If these illegal immigrants want to live in our state, I think that’s wonderful.

They can be extremely beneficial to the state, but they need to do it legally.

A legal immigrant pays taxes into those programs mentioned before and won’t take as many jobs away from Americans because they will have to work for minimum wage instead of $2-$3 an hour.

Mr. McInnis realizes this. He doesn’t want a racial profiling law.

He just wants to decrease illegal immigration, therefore helping the economy and society of our great state.

Nick Bascetta


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