Vail Daily letter: Just out of line |

Vail Daily letter: Just out of line

Jason Ancel
Vail, CO, Colorado

I just wanted to let you know that I felt what Mr. Carnes wrote in his list of things he was thankful for on Nov. 22 was not only truly tasteless, but totally devoid of any compassion for the countless number of unassuming children that are scarred for life by monsters that are supposed to be there for them in positions of trust.

I’m guessing that he was trying to be funny with his comment about him being thankful for “99 percent of coaches not implementing the Sandusky method of coaching from behind.”

Well, it didn’t come off very funny, to me at least. I realize that a lot of serious and horrific situations eventually become the butt ends of a joke, but how about a little empathy for these kids.

As far as I know, Mr. Carnes could not possibly comprehend what these children were subject to, physically and emotionally, and to make light of such a serious matter is almost as abominating as doing nothing about it.

Mr. Carnes should choose his stand-up material a little more carefully. I’m not a parent. I wouldn’t have any idea how much this would hurt a parent to find out. There are a lot more things to be thankful for.

Jason Ancel


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